Exclusive yasmys

Always exclusive yasmys. You'll only find them here, as their price is the lowest or they have an unique added value you won't find elsewhere


We all love sweepstakes. That amazing feeling when you check the winner number and... it's your number! everyweek we'll organize sweepstakes of amazing plans and products. Don't forget to participate!


A social users community where you can find other users by category, specialization levels, gender, age, country and region, and you'll be able to contact using a private chat


Become ambassador of a yasmy you like, and spread it between all your friends and relatives. If you get 10 people to buy this yasmy using your "ambassador code", you will get it for free!!


We don't want you to participate for free. When you'll receive a private message from our shops, you'll get points. And you'll be able to redeem these points when buying!

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Thanks to secure payment gateways and SSL certification, you can buy securely, and being sure that we do not store any credit card number

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