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About Us

Yaesmio is a young but succesful company. Its success is based on the ability to integrate into the point of view of the company requesting its services, maintaining transparency and honesty at all times.

It doesn’t matter what kind of IT necessity may your company need. Yaesmio will be your trustful technology partner and will help you grow. If there’s something we can’t do, we’ll help you find the suitable person to do it.

We Are Creative

Thinking out-of-the-box is not an expression, but a way of solving problems. Our experts in different areas will work together so there won't be blind spots in your solution.

We Are Innovative

We always work with the latest technologies, and we won't recommend you nothing but future. Becoming obsolete won't be an option for you.

We Are Professional

We believe in the transparency as our visiting card. Trust is only earned through honesty, and we work hard to earn and keep yours.

Featured Projects

We are what we do. Yaesmio has been developing solutions since it was born. Please feel free to check some of our project previews in our portfolio.

Our Services

If you just want a program, you can just get a code monkey to develop it. But we think you deserve to know the most adequate solution before the investment.

No matter what kind of IT project you want to develop, there are always several points of view to solve it. We are here to help you decide which one is the most optimal for you.

IT Consulting

We are determined to add value to your business. We'll study your business model and will offer advice based on the influence of the solutions on the efficiency and effectiveness of your company.
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Web Design

We like to build websites from a stable and robust structure, and then go up. This way, your website will be bomb-proof. We are used to build sites on the cloud, using backends over SAP or .NET, and profiting technologies such as MVC, Typescript, etc.
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Custom software development

Nowadays, programming is integrated with every IT system. No matter your necessity, we'll build it. May you need a control system, a new ERP, a communication platform, etc.
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Mobile Apps

Users are mobile, and each one has a different system, version and screen size. We know the real world and we are ready to help you reach your customers. Programming on Xamarin for iOS, Android and Windows.
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We are open for partnership

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Meet the Team

Here some of the guys that work hard everyday to make a better and more efficient world. They are experts in their own fields, and when they work together they are commited to helping you identify opportunities and position your organization for success.

Alejandro Moyano

CEO Founder Yaesmio

Miguel Angel Castañón

IT Project Manager

Fernando Marcos

Lead Architect

María del Mar Pérez

Designer & Front End Developer

(+34) 91 563 49 12