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Thanks to Yaesmio, the most popular video game console on the market can now be yours. We also give you a Fornite Battle Pass Season 3, so you can enjoy your new toy! Participate before the numbers are over, and may the luck be with you.

How does the sweepstake work?

Participating is very easy. Just click on "participate" and select a number. If you don't want to think too much, just click on the dices and you'll get a random number among the free numbers left.

On 4/21/2018 the winners will be announced, which will be those whose participation number coincides with the last numbers of the first prize of the Spanish National Lottery draw corresponding to the date of the draw.

NOVEDAD: Cuando participes en el sorteo, se enviará un mensaje con tu código a tus amigos de la Red Social Yaesmio que no hayan participado aún y que no hayan recibido ningún mensaje similar de otro amigo.

Sweepstake conditions

¡Date prisa! Tiempo restante para participar: h m s

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